Final update

If any are still following Pat’s blog, this will be my final update. I am letting the subscription run out and have saved and archived all of Pat’s wonderful photos.

CHLOE did indeed disappear without a trace. I hope she found a good home.

As for me, it was a very rough go last winter, and there were times I am surprised I survived. Come the spring and I reconnected with an old friend I’ve known for 50 years but hadn’t seen in 30 years. I found her to tell her about Pat’s death (we were all good friends back in the day) and fate took the upper hand and I have found love again. Life is good!

The one big lesson I learned in the past year: Don’t give up;  you never know what tomorrow may bring.

May all of you have a safe and prosperous 2017. You all meant a lot to Pat. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes.  Rick


This is Pat in better days. I fell in love with that smile, which was always there.

Sorry for the badly scanned photo, but I wanted you all to meet Pat

Sorry for the badly scanned photo, but I wanted you all to meet the Pat I love.

the final step . .

I couldn’t sleep last night and drove to the hospital at 2:30AM. This was day 56.

Pat was awake, sort of.  I put my arms around her the best I could, what with all the tubing and dialysis equipment hooked up to her.  I asked her if she needed some more strength.  Pat clearly replied: “God said for you to keep it, you’re going to need it.”

One of her doctors came in about 9:00 and told me that nothing was working for her. Another doctor came in with the same news.  I agreed, and told him I wanted all that stuff taken off and wanted her peaceful and in no pain.  They did this for us.

Pat passed away less than two hours later.

Words cannot express how I feel.  There is some relief, too, knowing that she is not suffering any longer.

.Now comes the mechanics of dealing with the processes of death.

It is going to be very lonely around here.

. . . and a big leap backward

I’m not going to whitewash this.

Pat lasted one day at the rehab facility and developed breathing problems

She has been in the Intensive Care Unit since 24 October.

Pat is now back on kidney dialysis hoping to remove toxins from her body,.

Things are not looking good, but we’re still forging ahead.

There was this exchange between Pat and me this morning (I know it sounds like bad movie dialog but it actually happened this way::

Pat: “I need some of your strength”

I took down the bed rail and worked my arm underneath her and gave her a big hug

Me: ” Take all the strength you need”

Pat: ” I only want to borrow it,”

Me: “Take what you need. I can make more.”


Pat is the love of my life and she IS my life, We’re working as a team.


Pat’s Next Big Step

Pat was transferred yesterday (22 Oct 2015) to a Rehab/Nursing Facility where they have already started on a program to build up her strength with coming home as the goal. She was in the hospital 42 days.

Pat still has some medical issues that need to be addressed, but she needs to get stronger to be able to take care of those.

Hopefully within the next few weeks, Pat will be back on this blog. We’re all working hard to bring her home.

Thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes.  Pat still needs them.


Where’s Pat? Photo taken in ICU Sep 12th 2015

Where's Pat ?

Where’s Pat ?

Day 34 in Hospital

Well, Pat is still in the hospital and today is day 34.
We thought things would move along a little more quickly, but healing apparently has a schedule of its own.
As the expression goes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re just hoping it’s not the train.
I am with Pat at the hospital up to 12 hours each day and for the most part she is feeling good and eating well. She misses all of you and wishes you all well.
And, unfortunately, dear Chloe has indeed disappeared without a trace. We are not giving up hope, but no longer actively searching, either, hoping her tags and/or microchip might bring her home to us.
Best wishes to all of you who have supported Pat all this time. Rick

On The Mend

Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that Pat has had all devices and tubes and such removed and the medical professionals have brought her to the point where they can NOW try to find what caused all of this in the first place.
After 11 days in the Intensive Care Unit, Pat was moved to a regular hospital room and has undergone a series of tests, some of which we have results for, others we are still waiting on.
Pat will soon be transferred to a rehabilitation facility to get her strength back and get ready to come home.
Your kind thoughts and prayers have helped her through the worst of this, I’m sure.
And while she can’t yet post on this blog, she has read your posts using a tablet and gives you all a big THANK YOU!

On another note: Chloe has disappeared without a trace.


Pat Update

Pat has been in the intensive care unit now for 6 days.
We think things are slowly getting better.
Many of the medicines that have been helping her have been reduced or removed and she is now breathing on her own and can speak with me.
We still have a long way to go, but she wanted me to update you kind folks on her blog.
She feels your good thoughts and prayers have helped.


Pat Needs Your Prayers and Kind Thoughts

Pat’s health was improving until Thursday night, Sep 10th when she was rushed to the hospital with multiple problems. We almost lost her that night.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
She is currently in the Intensive Care Unit and I am with her all day long.

Also of sadness: Darling dog Chloe somehow got out of the house over a week ago and hasn’t been seen since. I have searched and searched and done all the proper things and she is tagged and microchipped so maybe she’ll find her way home, somehow. I’m afraid she thought she could find Pat.

I”ll monitor this blog for her while she’s ill and convey your messages to her.

Rick (husband)