Hypnotic Eyes


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31 Comments on “Hypnotic Eyes”

  1. this shots is fantastic in B & W Pat.

  2. Eileen says:

    Wow, awesome shot! Love the eyes! Enjoy your day!

  3. Karen S. says:

    Oh I do like this, sweet kitty cat.

  4. itsallaboutpurple says:

    would be a great image for halloween decor. very nice in b&w!!!!

  5. Linda Kay says:

    Kind of creepy…you could have this one up for halloween.

  6. Patrizia M. says:

    Bellissimo micione!!

  7. TexWisGirl says:

    pretty and sneaky! 🙂

  8. Good kitty kitty. Looks like he’d be a difficult one to catch!

  9. Buckeroomama says:

    Oh, totally! Although, I do have to agree with Linda Kay above…

  10. Gayle says:

    Cats always look as though they know something that we don’t 😉 Nice photo.

  11. Yes those eyes really get your attention. What a beautiful cat that is walking past that fence.

  12. Coloring Outside the Lines says:

    Cool shot- my cat looks at me like that right before she goes psycho and starts bouncing off the walls.

  13. geanina says:

    Beautiful eyes! 😉

  14. Diana says:

    A lovely shot of the cat.


  15. Bob Bushell says:

    Staring eyes, on you!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Oh indeed — I feel myself falling under the spell of those beautiful eyes!

  17. Minoru says:

    Hi! Nice capture. You like cats very much! Thanks for sharing.

  18. donna213 says:

    You got that title right on! Nice capture of a black kitty.

  19. Rajesh says:

    Wow! terrific capture.

  20. Birgitta says:

    Great photo of this sweet kitty!

  21. dragonstar01 says:

    A handsome cat. Those eyes are certainly hypnotic.

  22. Fantastic picture, gorgeous cat.

  23. LonettA says:

    Absolutely beautiful photo!

  24. Linja says:

    Nice image! Love that fluffy tail!

  25. Gunilla says:

    Beautiful eyes!

  26. Chandra says:

    I say YES! WOW!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace 🙂

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