A Favorite Treat


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27 Comments on “A Favorite Treat”

  1. Stacy says:

    Gorgeous shot ~ the colors are outstanding!

  2. Margaret says:

    Maeprvellous image.

  3. Eileen says:

    The Jays do love the peanuts! Great capture!

  4. Mick says:

    Great photo of a very beautiful little bird.

  5. Chandra says:

    Great photo, Pat.
    Flexibility is great to have 🙂
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace 🙂

  6. dinajohnston says:

    Nice catch with the snack!

  7. Teresa says:

    Certainly looks happy!

  8. Adam Jones says:

    Great shot of the Blue Jay.

  9. Gunilla says:

    Wonderful shot!

  10. Jays love their peanuts… those feet!

  11. Lea says:

    Great photo!

  12. Gattina says:

    Very cute picture !

  13. Marie-AZ says:

    Very busy bluejay! 🙂

  14. Robin says:

    Pat, nice one! Blue Jays are always such fun!

  15. He is looking quite content!

  16. Brian King says:

    That’s nice!

  17. Lisa Gordon says:

    He sure looks like he’s holding on real tight to that, Pat.
    Sweet shot.

  18. Excellent picture! Nice curve!

  19. Minoru says:

    Hi! Your photo is very beautiful. The bird is very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I have fallen More in love with these birds than ever now that I finally got some pictures of one. But yours is much better. I wish I could feed birds here in Florida.

  21. Pat, oh Pat….I must profusely apologize for getting here to pay you a visit and view your sweet blue jay image!! It’s been a very hectic week….I hope you accept my sincere thoughts here. And hope to see you again this week.


  22. kenschneider says:

    A common bird, but so beautiful. Nice action in this photo.

  23. Chandra says:

    Peanut lovin’ Bluejay. Lovely photo!
    Have a Great Weekend, Pat!
    Peace 🙂

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