The Buds of March


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23 Comments on “The Buds of March”

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    what a pretty shot! thanks for being a loyal fence poster!

  2. How beautiful, Pat! Isn’t it nice to see those first signs of spring?

  3. Linda Kay says:

    Yay! the buds are all appearing and we have little green things coming up from our mulch.

  4. Margaret says:

    Yes I think we can say spring is really starting.

  5. einfachtilda says:

    Der Frühling ist angekommen liebe Pat ❤

  6. So pretty…and I love the out of focus fence in the foreground. I think I found the same tree on a university campus last weekend!

  7. ツ Knipsa says:

    Beautiful picture!
    Love the tips of the fence in front 😀
    Have a beautiful day
    【ツ】Knipsa <- my blog

  8. spring is on the way when the catkins appear! I remember those days and I miss them (but not the winter that went before). Beautiful and creative photo.

  9. Brian King says:

    Great DOF use! Nice shot!

  10. Lisa Gordon says:

    This is really beautiful, Pat.

  11. Chandra says:

    Hiya! Nice use of aperture. I like the fact the blooms are here. I noticed the same from the kitchen tonight. May be I will copy your model, if you don’t mind and post about the buds 🙂
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace 🙂

  12. Minoru says:

    Hi! Nice capture. The boke fence has a good effect for your photo. Thanks for sharing.

  13. It’s nice to see the trees preparing to put some clothes on again!

  14. geanina says:

    very nice light!:)

  15. ladyfi says:

    How very pretty.

  16. Cool idea to have the fence out of ficus in the foreground.

  17. donna213 says:

    Nice to see spring on the way.

  18. Jim says:

    They’re here! Lovely shot.

  19. rainfield61 says:

    I can smell spring is coming back.

  20. Love the view beyond the fence, it is spring coming.

  21. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    The first buds are always the most welcome!

  22. Teresa says:

    This is a lovely shot. I’m still waiting to see those buds.

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