Happy Birthday Chloe!

We adopted Chloe from the shelter one year ago today.


Since we don’t know her actual birth date, October 11 it is!

We love her so much!


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36 Comments on “Happy Birthday Chloe!”

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    she is just SO precious. love her sweet face. so glad you found each other!

  2. einfachtilda says:

    Happy Birthday liebe Chloe ❤ ❤

  3. Eileen says:

    Happy Birthday to Chloe.. I am happy she found a happy home with you! Thanks for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  4. I have a real fondness for stories with happy endings.

  5. Jim says:

    Yeah Chloe!! happy Birthday! Now make sure you get lots of TREATS on this very special day!!

  6. Margaret says:

    She is adorable. Have a great weekend.

  7. Robin says:

    Pat, she’s so lovely! She looks so much better sitting on the grass than in that cell!

  8. Marie says:

    She looks like such a sweet dog!

  9. Gunilla says:

    Happy birthday to sweet Chloe!

  10. artmusedog says:

    Beautiful Chole , Happy Birthday and how blessed you all are!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  11. DeniseinVA says:

    She looks a real sweetie, and a very much loved little sweetie she is. Happy Birthday Chloe!

  12. bobbushell says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    That is the most canine creature, isn’t it magnificent!

  13. bobbushell says:

    That is the most canine creature, isn’t it magnificent!

  14. Lisa Gordon says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Sweet Chloe!!
    You sure are a precious girl.

  15. Leovi says:

    delicious dog …

  16. She has sch an angelic face!!!!

  17. dinajohnston says:

    Happy Adopt day! You picked a good one!

  18. petra says:

    happy birthday xoxo

  19. Mother Hen says:

    Happy Birthday to Chloe!

  20. Birgitta says:

    Happy birthday to Chloe! Sweet dog 🙂

  21. Ela says:

    Happy Birthday to Chloe :)))

  22. Rick says:

    Chloe would like to share with you, all of her extended online friends, that the messenger from Amazon.com brought her a new collar (patterned after Van Gogh’s The Starry Night) and two plush squeaky toys, a brown Moose and a purple Rhinoceros. She is indeed one happy dog.

  23. Happy birthday, Chloe. She looked sad in the first pic. Now, she’s happy 🙂

  24. Rajesh says:

    Happy Birthday to Chole.

  25. Happy Birthday Chloe. So glad you have a forever home. You are a sweet looking dog.

  26. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl! We adopted our “Chance” 13 years ago today. Since we didn’t know his actual birthday, we did the same as you, choosing his adoption date as his birthday. Adopted pets are so special.

  27. JM says:

    Congratulations, lucky Chloe!

  28. A belated Happy birthday to Chloe! When I adopted Lo (or he adopted me, really) I countd a year back and then just picked a date I liked 🙂 His birthday is now on 30 April – Walpurgis eve. Anyway, Chloe is so beautiful, and me and Lo wish her many happy years to come!

  29. Happy birthday to a lucky and happy dog!

  30. doTHEmegmeg says:

    She is a doll!!

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