Little Bird, Big Splash


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22 Comments on “Little Bird, Big Splash”

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    looks like snow! 🙂

  2. dinajohnston says:

    Love all the water drops. He was splashing hard.

  3. This is so sweet. I love how you’ve captured the water droplets.

  4. Teresa says:

    Definitely must have been enjoying the bath!

  5. Stewart M says:

    Nice action shot – and I really like the sheen on the humming bird from earlier.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

  6. Jocee says:

    Awesome shot. They do so love a good splash around. 🙂

  7. DeniseinVA says:

    Great photo Pat, sweet little bird.

  8. That comes the butterfly effect.

  9. Mascha says:

    He has real fun – well captured!

  10. geanina says:

    very beautiful capture! 🙂

  11. Ela says:

    Such a lovely photo !

  12. Gunilla says:

    That’s some serious bathing!

  13. Louisette says:

    Lovely shot,
    Best regard from Belgium.

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    Mons in Belgium My city

  14. JM says:

    Lovely! Great timing.

  15. Al says:

    A very cute and fun shot!

  16. Adam Jones says:

    Great capture and looks like good fun.

  17. Sherry says:

    Oh yours is a cutie too. You can barely see him. Great shot! Thanks for sharing and for coming by my Sweet (?) Pig post! Come by any time! I would love to follow but I didn’t see a button! Have a good week.

  18. Brian King says:

    LOL! I’ll say!

  19. Robin says:

    Pat, my goodness, she’s having a grand time!

  20. The bird loves to play with water. Great shot.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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