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24 Comments on “Stray”

  1. DeniseinVA says:

    Great shot of this pretty stray cat, love his eyes.

  2. Ela says:

    The poor kitten. But he is sweet 🙂

  3. Lisa Gordon says:

    Such a beautiful creature.
    Have a great weekend, Pat!

  4. Jim says:

    What does Chloe think of this?
    Gorgeous cat!

  5. Leovi says:

    Wonderful B & W! Pretty cat!

  6. Melissa says:

    I have a black stray cat around here as well.

  7. A pair of very wary eyes. You have captured the alert hesitation beautifully.

  8. Oh he’s a beauty.

  9. Jutta K. says:

    Scheint sich aber um eine Edelkatze zu handeln, die abhanden gekommen ist.
    Hoffentlich findet sie wieder heim.
    Gut vor die Linse bekommen.

  10. Birgitta says:

    What a great shot!

  11. Strayed, but is staying.

  12. dragonstar01 says:

    A handsome cat.

  13. HansHB says:

    Lovely cat, great b&w photo!

  14. Monica says:

    Beautiful cat!

  15. bettyl - NZ says:

    Great shot but I’d have to be feeding the poor thing!

  16. Roan says:

    Love this shot in black and white. Pretty kitty.

  17. prairiejill says:

    What a pretty cat! Love the eyes.

  18. John says:

    The ‘eyes’ have it.

  19. Kicki says:

    I just love cats! My sister once had a cat like this!

  20. Teresa says:

    Beautiful stray. Poor kitty. Everybody deserves a loving home.

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