Rabbit Ears


kk texture used – urban

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33 Comments on “Rabbit Ears”

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    wow, the translucence!

  2. Whoa Pat….this is a crazy fab photo. Margie

  3. Denise says:

    He’s a handsome one with those beautiful ears. Another fantastic photo Pat.

  4. ladyfi says:

    Brilliant translucent ears! Gorgeous.

  5. Great shot, Pat. I love how you can see the light through the ears, the light in its eyes, and the little blade of grass in its mouth. Lovely.

  6. How the heck did you get that shot?!!! In awe! ~SueBee

  7. Sweepy says:

    It looks thin and woofy fragile, Pat!
    Unlike mine that is thick, bushy and old!

  8. Gattina says:

    A miracle, a butterfly with a rapid head ! Beautiful picture !

  9. Katarina says:

    That’s a fantastic shot – showing the delicate ears in detail. Love how the light shines through them!

  10. I had no idea their ears were transparent like that!

  11. geanina says:

    beautiful click! 🙂

  12. Perfect, just perfect!!

  13. Cool light!! Great timing. 🙂

  14. Jill says:

    Oh gosh, I had no idea they could be so translucent. Neat!

  15. A Garden of Threads says:

    They look soft and translucent, beautiful.

  16. Sheila says:

    Wow, what a wonderful capture! I love those ears!

  17. JM says:

    Those big ears look amazing! Great job.

  18. Leovi says:

    Yes, wonderful light through the ears, nice photo!

  19. Absolutely fascinating!…:)JP

  20. Lisa Gordon says:

    I’ve never seen anything quite like this, Pat.
    It’s wonderful, and what a precious little one he is!

  21. amazing how translucent the ears are!

  22. I am excited about the ears.
    In general, your photos are great.
    Super Blog.
    xoxo, Wieczora (◔‿◔) | my photoblog

  23. bonjm says:

    Really beautiful image and great processing.

  24. Robin says:

    Pat, tremendous shot! I didn’t think their ears were quite so transparent!

  25. Those see-through ears, and the little guy must be sitting perfectly still for you. Wonderful image, so sweet!

  26. This is really nice Pat..you can see the veins in the ear of the cute bunny… Michelle

  27. inspiredbyjune says:

    This is fabulous, Pat. The ears are amazing, but I also love how he blends so well into his surroundings. Without the ears, you almost wouldn’t see him – great shot!

  28. prairiejill says:

    Wow – what an incredible shot!

  29. Peabea says:

    Oh My, what a wonderful photo capture. Lovely.

  30. Oh I had no idea that their ears were transluscent …how amazing.

  31. Carver says:

    That’s a fabulous shot of the rabbit.

  32. Teresa says:

    What a great shot! I love how you can see the veins.

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