Little Round Bird

Junco, fluffed up against the cold


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31 Comments on “Little Round Bird”

  1. Barb says:

    Oh so cute! I haven’t seen any Juncos here this year.

  2. eileen says:

    What a cutie, they are adorable birds! Thank you for linking up to my SATURDAY’S Critters. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Adorable!! I’m still waiting to see one…

  4. Margaret says:

    Hi Pat. He is so cute. Hope he survives the winter cold.

  5. That’s the species of junco we have here…..such cute little birds.

  6. Lisa Gordon says:

    I love when they do this!
    He is such a cutie, Pat.

  7. andy1076 says:

    What a lil cutie! in a scarf at that 😀

  8. Lavender Cottage says:

    When winter arrives, so do the juncos to our backyard, and then in spring they’re gone again!
    A great shot of this one.

  9. Patrizia M. says:

    Che dolce pallina 🙂

  10. Christian says:

    Cute poor bird in the cold.

  11. Margie says:

    Makes me think of a puffer fish, the little fluffball!

  12. Robin says:

    Pat, very pretty! We are just overrun with these guys right now! The yards full of them.

  13. HansHB says:

    So cute, – great photo!

  14. Looks like a puffed up junko….we have unpuffed up ones around here!!

  15. Jim says:

    Love these!

  16. Karen says:

    Oh, he’s all puffed up to keep warm! Cute shot!

  17. Beautiful image!!! Hope your weekend is treating you well today. Unlike the cold this junco has to deal with…BRRRR.

  18. Gunilla says:

    Adorable fluffy little bird!

  19. JM says:

    So small and cute!

  20. Brian King says:

    He’s a puff ball! LOL!

  21. It’s a great capture, i don’t know if they could be any cuter!! I just can’t take my eyes off those pink little beaks!!

  22. Teresa says:

    They are such cute little birds!

  23. I thought I saw one this week, but didn’t get a picture to take a good look.

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