Goatproof Fence

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23 Comments on “Goatproof Fence”

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    definitely a crew looking for trouble. 🙂

  2. I love the tilted head on that lead goat in the top photo! Curious???

  3. Margaret says:

    Hi Pat. Those boys mean business. Watch out fence!!

  4. Swati Singh says:

    So cute goats!! well captures..

  5. Dawna says:

    Looks like they will be staying where they are suppose to! But then again, goats are pretty mischevious, so who knows,,,they may be escape artists? Stopping by from Friday Fences.

  6. geanina says:

    Beautiful images!:)

  7. Those goats are so cute!! Love the scenery surrounding them, too. Especially that last shot.

  8. Beth says:

    i have to disagree – why? goats can get through fencing every time. they are just smart or silly like that. ha. ha!! cute goats. ( :

  9. Rose says:

    Is it hard to have a goat proof fence? I always think it would be, but really have no experience with them. They are a cute crew!

  10. diankelly65 says:

    I hear that goats are great escape artists. They seem to be looking for a way through.

  11. Robin says:

    Pat, I think they would surely like to get to the other side!

  12. roberta4949 says:

    goat proof fence? I am laughing at this one, I had goats and the only way to keep them controled was buy a dog collar and tie them up, they seem to find ways over and under the fence, i would fix it they wouldfind another spot that look secure and out they go, my one pygmy goat would walk along the fence pushing it with his body until he found a weak spot (sometimes I think his constant pushing weakend it). they are awefully cute crittors and if I had the time and energy for it and the money I would get some (along with some chikcen toos) as I have a barn and 3 acres. my little pygmy was a determined bugger, lol

  13. Janis says:

    Lol like the title of this post!

  14. LOL! That’s trouble! Anything goat-proof is pretty impressive.

  15. hula~la says:

    This is good. Great captures…is the grass really greener on the other side??? Aloha

  16. Leovi says:

    Beautiful photos with nice goats!

  17. Don says:

    Chloe looks like a winner for sure. Nice shots in BW and color.

  18. Teresa says:

    I’m guessing it won’t be goatproof for long. They never are…

  19. Fergiemoto says:

    “Hey you guys…The grass looks better on the other side of the fence,” said the white goat in the first image.


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