Chloe – New Dog

She’s a three-year-old beagle mix and very sweet.


At the county shelter

Addendum: We adopted her and brought her home today. I thought I’d give her time to settle in before sticking a camera in her face.

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29 Comments on “Chloe – New Dog”

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    adopted into your home, i hope? sweet!!!

  2. Did she come home with you??? Looks very sweet. Margie

  3. Beautiful little girl. Good to see that the shelter uses Kuranda beds for the dogs’ comfort. Looks very clean, too. Is it a county shelter or a private rescue group? Thank you for giving her a chance to live a long, happy life.

  4. Sheila says:

    She looks so sweet. I grew up with beagles, they are great friends!

  5. geanina says:

    So beautiful! 🙂

  6. Minoru says:

    Hi! Nice capture. She is very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Chloe, it is nice to meet you.

    I am Rainfield.

  8. Snap says:

    she is adorable. i’m sure she will love her new home with you.

  9. She’s beautiful and seems so sweet. What a great addition to your family. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her on here as she adjusts to her new home. Congrats!

  10. Robin says:

    Pat, how wonderful that you were able to rescue her. She looks very sweet and will so be a great addition to your family!

  11. She is adorable and congratulations.

  12. Oh she’s IS sweet! Congrats on your new family member.

  13. Gunilla says:

    She’s adorable!

  14. she seem a bit unsure and sad. Hopefully it will pass soon.

  15. Sue says:

    congrats on your new addition – very cute 🙂

  16. artmusedog says:

    She is adorable ~ so glad she has you and you have her ~ carol ^_^

  17. Eileen says:

    I am so happy to see dogs adopted from the local shelters. What a cutie! So happy she has a loving home. Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  18. seattlecharlie says:

    You have done something very special, thank you.

  19. Jim Cuvelier says:

    Oh Pat! What a sweetheart Chloe is! Welcome little Chloe looking forward to getting to know you.

  20. Lisa Gordon says:

    Bless your heart, Pat.
    She is so fortunate to have found a home with you.

  21. Shannon W. says:

    Hello Chloe and welcome! 🙂

  22. She is so cute! Congrats!!

  23. Teresa says:

    Congratulations on the newest member of your family! She’s a beauty.

  24. Fergiemoto says:

    She’s a beauty! Glad to meet you, Chloe!

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