This made me 🙂 on a Monday morning.

It also made me get out my ukulele!


15 Comments on “Smile”

  1. Bravo! It gave me a smile, too, Pat, and I would have gotten out my ukulele if I hadn’t given it away long ago.

  2. Jim Cuvelier says:

    Oh Pat! This made my day….week….month….year! How sweet was that? thanks so much for this and I will ‘share’ this.

  3. It made me get my uke out too, and I don’t even have one…..imaginary ones are so cool!

    Loved this!!

  4. TexWisGirl says:

    how adorable is she! and she can carry a tune, too! her dad is absolutely precious.

  5. geanina says:

    gorgeous! 🙂
    have a nice week!

  6. Barb says:

    That’s adorable! Made me smile too!

  7. Lisa Gordon says:

    This is wonderful, Pat!
    Thank you for sharing it here.

  8. Cute. It really was worth a big smile.

  9. That was so cute!! Big smiles. 🙂

  10. Robin says:

    Pat, this is absolutely wonderful! I brought a big smile!

  11. deanna1043 says:

    Oh, did I love this….what a treat, thanks for sharing this simply adorable Dad & Daughter!!

  12. Awww…just awwww. Thank you Pat for this little piece of loveliness. I’m just dropping by to fall in love with all your photos once again. I hope you’ve been well, well, well!! Hugs, Sharon

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