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18 Comments on “Tangled”

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    made me want to go straighten it all out. 🙂

  2. Robyn says:

    Pat, The B&W edit works great for this photo!

  3. Simple composition that makes one ponder. Looks like from a time long gone by.

  4. geanina says:

    Just beautiful!;)

  5. Margaret says:

    HI Pat I love the black and whote effect on this shot.

  6. Leovi says:

    Beautiful tones in B & W! That light is wonderful, great shot!

  7. Riet says:

    Black and white, I love it.

  8. Give you a pair of scissors.

  9. artmusedog says:

    Love the ‘zen’ like quality to your wonderful photo ~ thanks, carol, xo

  10. I love the texture of the rope against the grain of the wood.

  11. This works very well in black and white!

  12. Robin says:

    Pat, great shot! Surprising how simple things can look so good when composed properly!

  13. Jim Cuvelier says:

    Nice! I used to watch my grandmother untangle her yarn….she was so good at it.

  14. nice shot. I love twine. I don’t know what it is about it…I even like the word

  15. rebecca says:

    Nice black and white conversion.

  16. Lisa Gordon says:

    So nicely seen and photographed, Pat!

  17. Madge says:

    LOVE that, the texture is SO wonderful! Thanks for sharing on WTS this week!

  18. I really like the composition here, the different textures. It seems we often have things to be untangled, but then — it teaches us patience(!) 🙂

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