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50 Comments on “Starling”

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    just beautiful colors.

  2. Anne Payne says:

    That’s a beautiful bird and the feathers are amazing!

  3. Rick says:

    Looks like the hair (feathers) & makeup department earned their money getting this guy ready for his official portrait.

  4. Minoru says:

    Hi! Beautiful capture. The bird is very clear and nice bokeh background. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. Barb says:

    You’ve really captured his beautiful colors!

  6. Jim says:

    Look at those iridescent colours! Beautiful!

  7. Lisa Gordon says:

    What gorgeous colors, and you have captured so much detail in the feathers, Pat.
    Beautifully done!

  8. Oh, this is such a great image! Love the angle of the bird’s body and head…and that terrific iridescence of those feathers!

  9. geanina says:

    Beautiful click!;)
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. einfachtilda says:

    Fantastisches Foto vom Star!!!

  11. A colorful, striking bird for sure. You captured him well.

  12. Leena says:

    Somehow touching one 🙂 Is this taken after rain – just adorable photo!

  13. Karen says:

    A beautiful portrait. Starlings get a bad rap, but I like their coloured feathers..

  14. Meghana says:

    wow, such a detailed shot….

  15. Robin says:

    Pat, beautiful shot! The Starlings colours are so beautiful!

  16. katerchen says:

    er schillert wie ein Regenbogen
    LG vom karerchen

  17. petra says:

    great pic 🙂

  18. Cornel A. says:

    I love Starlings!

  19. Nancy says:

    One of your best, Pat. xo

  20. Lisa S says:

    Beautiful shot! Extraordinary color…

  21. ladyfi says:

    Amazing rainbow feathers!

  22. Eileen says:

    Lovely colors on this bird, gorgeous capture!

  23. Nell says:

    Always amazed at the colours of a starling! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  24. HansHB says:

    Such a cutie!
    Well done!

  25. The colors you’ve captured are magnificent!!!!

  26. Denise says:

    Your photo is great, it shows all the lovely colors in the starling.

  27. Gunilla says:

    Gorgeous shot! The colours are beautiful.

  28. artmusedog says:

    Gorgeous photo ~ love the starling ~

    You can now comment on my blog without G+

  29. Patrice says:

    A starling has never looked better!

  30. Boom & Gary says:

    Incredible colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  31. Wow! Look at those colours in his plumage! Well caught Pat.

  32. Andrea says:

    Seem so really close, is it wet or that is really its feather characteristics. Looks well groomed.

  33. Teresa says:

    I do love the purple iridescent colors in the starlings! Great capture.

  34. Your starling is gorgeous!

  35. RH West says:

    Such a sharp image, I love the detailing and his colours are pretty 🙂

  36. A great photo showing the iridescent feathers of these birds!

  37. The detail. The brilliance. The colours. Pat do you skip a little when you see your own work? Because I know I would be twisting and shouting aloud if I had taken this shot! 😀 HUGS. Sharon

  38. Wow, wow, wow! Margie

  39. britul says:

    Excellent shot. Razor sharp. Loved it.

  40. That is just beautiful!

  41. kenschneider says:

    Excellent pose, color and feather detail.

  42. Can’t stand starlings, but you make him look beautiful.

  43. JM says:

    WOW! Fabulous shot!

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