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21 Comments on “Squirrel!”

  1. Lea says:

    You’ve got to wonder what he is thinking!
    Great photo!
    Lea’s menagerie

  2. I love when they hold their hands (paws?) like that. Precious shot.

  3. einfachtilda says:

    Ein ganz wunderschönes Foto…so niedlich.

    LG Mathilda ♥

  4. Jim says:

    Must be cold, protecting his/her hands. Nice photo.

  5. Oh, how darling! I love it when they stand up like that. You had to be quick to capture it. Lovely texture treatment, too.

  6. TexWisGirl says:

    cute, cute, cute baby!!!

  7. ladyfi says:

    Utterly wonderful shot!

  8. Gunilla says:

    Adorable! The shot is perfect!

  9. Robin says:

    Pat, beautiful shot!

  10. What an adorable shot!!!
    Shell @ The Country Chick

  11. It’s cute how her has his paws tucked in.

  12. Margie says:

    And a cutie he is!

  13. TheChieftess says:

    Ohhh! Very cute!!! I like the composition and the bokeh background!!!
    Thanks for visiting MammothLakesDP!!!

  14. Jori says:

    I just said that in my head like Christmas Vacation! 🙂 Great shot!

  15. RH West says:

    I think he’s thinking ‘nuts!” isn’t that what squirrels think? Gorgeous capture Pat and beautiful texture work too, seamless!

  16. Lisa Gordon says:

    Don’t you just love those tiny front feet???
    What a little cutie!

  17. Sian says:

    Hi, just found your blog – what lovely photos! just beautiful : )

  18. veredit says:

    such a cutie and the background is fantastic!!!

  19. JM says:

    Gorgeous shot!

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