Farm Implement

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27 Comments on “Farm Implement”

  1. goldenwoofs says:

    Woof! Woof! Interesting. Happy Rural Thursday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Carletta says:

    Outside of a tractor, my favorite piece of farm equipment. I love the whimiscal look of these. They look a little like a wild hair do or flowers whose petals are twisting in the wind. I know, kinda weird but I’ve always liked them.
    Nicely composed shot Pat!

  3. Kerri says:

    Gotta love farm equipment!

  4. Buttons says:

    Love the old rake. B

  5. Love seeing the pattern in this shot!

  6. Diane says:

    this is a gorgeous photo of the rake… so colorful!

  7. Barb says:

    These racks have an interesting pattern.

  8. TexWisGirl says:

    i just love these pinwheel rakes! art in farming.

  9. artmusedog says:

    very creative photo ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on blogger ^_^

  10. Jim says:

    Looks almost like a ride at a fair! Great shot, Pat!

  11. I love the shape of these! I saw my first one just a year ago, even though I live in farm country. It’s so different from the rake I used to pull with a tractor on our family farm so many years ago.

  12. Lisa Gordon says:

    Wonderful composition and colors, Pat.
    I could use one of these for my garden! 🙂

  13. Nancy says:

    Love the colors!

  14. Gail says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have a clue what this does? It’s certainly interesting, whatever it does!

  15. Nice photo Pat. You are getting wild and crazy on us in subject matter lately. 😉 Margie

  16. What an interesting machine. Such intriguing shapes.

  17. Cool photo! I love farm equipment. I tell my husband some of it looks like it could be in the Transformers movies haha.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  18. This small-town girl (I guess emphasis on town) had to read the comments to see what it was — besides very interesting! So now I know it’s a rake , but I was sure before I knew that it was a great picture…looks like a modern sculpture.

  19. Kathy says:

    Wow…graphically so very, very interesting!

  20. Leovi says:

    Exquisite composition, colors and magical ways.

  21. Misty Dawn says:

    Cool shot of the hay rake. I wish ours would have had more work to do this summer. The drought caused our hay yield to be WAY low.

  22. Fergiemoto says:

    Great shot of the hay rake!
    I grew up on a crop farm. We had plenty of farm equipment, but not one of these. They are fascinating. Funny, when I was living on the farm, I didn’t think to take photos of the equipment. I wish I had photos of the really old ones, though…they were old even when I was a kid.

  23. Zosia says:

    Great photo! These look like art. There is so much beauty in seemingly utilitarian objects if we just want to stop and look.

  24. Oh I love farm equipment! Your picture is fabulous, the colours and the composition are truly beautiful.

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