House Sparrows

Mama and Baby

kk textures used – JustCause, enlightened

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and Nature Notes


31 Comments on “House Sparrows”

  1. geanina says:

    lovely images! 🙂

  2. TexWisGirl says:

    so sweet. 🙂

  3. Oh, you do so well capturing life. Bravo!

  4. ladyfi says:

    Amazing shots.

  5. These are an under rated bird! Always good fun to watch.

    Cheers – Stewart M

  6. Nancy says:

    Lots of this going on at our feeders too. So sweet. xo

  7. Becs says:

    Great captures, love the first shot especially.

  8. Amazed yet again by your stunning shots!

  9. Great shot.
    We have a lot of House Sparrows around here. They can be bullies, but they’re still fun to watch.
    Good job with the textures…as usual.

  10. Leovi says:

    Nice pictures. Beautiful sequence of photos with the birds flirting.

  11. Great shots, I love the birds wings in motion! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  12. Lisa Gordon says:

    Pat, these are amazing!
    The second one absolutely tugs at my heart.
    So beautifully captured by you.

  13. Gail says:

    So animated and cute! They must be flirting with each other. 🙂

  14. Valerie says:

    Sweet photos of the birds.

  15. Deborah says:

    love it and apparently they love each other!

  16. Wonderful photos! It’s difficult to catch birds in action like this. Great job!

  17. Kenneth says:

    Your pictures are always great! Another nice series, very cute!

  18. That’s darling, Pat! The things you capture amaze me.

  19. Hootin' Anni says:

    Super….I so love viewing bird photos. If you ever have a photo to share of birds on a Sunday post, don’t forget to stop by my bird photo blog [on my sidebar with a link – I’d rather b birdin] and share your beautiful bird photos!!!!

  20. HansHB says:

    So cute! Great bird post!
    Have a nice evening.
    Did you see the new “bird-links” after WBW closed down?
    You will find links at my blog!

  21. Pupo - Brasil says:

    Amazing photos.

  22. Donna Heber says:

    These house sparrows are so adorable! Your photos and textures are amazing! So lovely and thank you for sharing them with us.

  23. Fergiemoto says:

    Very sweet and adorable captures! We have this going on at our feeders also. It’s so fun to see.

  24. Awww..I love to see the babies being made them look very cute Pat..although I have too many..Michelle

  25. i just adore sparrow. such a sweet capture. thanks so much for stopping by my blog! kelly

  26. Misty Dawn says:

    Very sweet series of posts.

  27. I never tire of looking at your bird photos!

  28. JM says:

    I was about to say that love was on the air, but then I realized I was wrong. Wonderful… whether it’s incest or not! LOL!

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