Is the Coast Clear?

KK Textures used – Edward, JustCause, wonderfulmagic

Linking to Kim Klassen’s Twelve Days of Texture


17 Comments on “Is the Coast Clear?”

  1. Linda says:

    Cute and the title is perfect! Love the texture use here.

  2. TexWisGirl says:

    he makes me laugh!

  3. Angie says:

    H HA HA! I’ll bet that’s exactly what he was thinking at the time. “Is the coast clear?!” 😀

    Textures are perfect!

    And as always, you take such wonderful photographs! I love your blog. 🙂

  4. Fergiemoto says:

    Cute little thing – he/she looks curious!

  5. Marty Mason says:

    Alll your squirrel’s antics are a hoot…..they know how cute they are and are just trying to please the picture taker!

  6. Liz Thomas says:

    OMG… that is a riot! Squirrels are so funny!

  7. Jim says:

    It better be! He looks hungry!! Nice shot Pat!

  8. Veronica says:

    This is so cute! What a great shot to get! Thanks for stopping by to say Hi.

  9. Nadege says:

    This too cute, what a great capture.

  10. Love your bad behaving squirrels!

  11. Lydia says:

    Aww I love this photo! It’s so adorable and cute! The texture goes perfectly with it 🙂

  12. Awww and another cute title! Margie

  13. anki-itte says:

    Ohh, so nice, a beauriful picture.

  14. how cute! greetings from my cats 🙂

  15. This is just precious!

  16. Absolutely hysterical. Thank you for the smile I now have on my face. Looks like you are mastering Kim’s class. Nice group of texture photos there.

  17. JM says:

    Fantastic capture! It seems he’s talking to the neighbour on the other side of the fence. 🙂

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